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Even something like this? the non burners may not have access to paper if it has become scarce, so maybe their forced to advertise their cause on anything they can find

Soaked packaging Experimental packaging proposal for Pure Spring water by Copenhagen based designer Henriette Kruse. I like this concept. It would be interesting to see how this would look with actual type instead of handwriting. (via thoughtsatdusk)

Jonah The Whale Premium Vodka

Jonah + the whale premium vodka. This one is just a shame. To take such an elegant bottle and put those lame, childish illustrations of whales on it. …I just think this could have been crafted so much better for a premium product.

Otokoyama Sake, A Simple, Minimalist and Classy Sake Packaging on Vizeer.com

Packaging drink -Otokoyama Sake bottles by Jamie Conkleton. The purity level of the Sake is shown by the opaqueness of the bottle.

Premium Bottle Design and Bottle Packaging Inspiration

UK-based design firm Sabotage PKG created this wonderfully eye-catching carafe style bottle and packaging for Evolve’s organic, cold pressed oils


If you want to smell like a refined hippie, Aesop perfumes like Mystra here are the way to go. I hate Aesop's faux-apothecary contrivance, but their scents and shower gels are lovely.

#label / La Cale wine #packaging

I am a total sucker for a great bottle label. I make purchase decisions based on labels all the time. This is La Cale Wine designed by Melanie Laviolette, I am especially suckered into this design for (Jam Bottle Design)

Eighthirty Cold Press Coffees aka cool cold coffee bottles

Eighthirty Coffee Roasters: The succinct, enticing copy doesn't waste any time explaining what's inside.

Black and white l'eaundry #packaging PD

L'EAUNDRY Laundry detergent bottles design by Korefe for L’eaundry use a cross-category reference to perfume bottles.

Babe #packaging

Trends in Packaging: Color

Design of bottle and graphic for pediatric range. child’s range has been designed in line with the Babé full range of products, using illustrations made specially for this design, and with the double objective of identifyi…

body and eden herbal elixir packaging with great clear costumer benefits and moods to make the buy!

The 25 Coolest Packaging Designs Of 2013

Outstanding Package Design | From up North

Packaging inspiration

BVD_Lemonaid e gave Lemon­aid and Charitea unique, char­ac­ter­is­tic pack­ag­ings in which the con­tent plays a highly vis­i­ble lead­ing role. Pack­ages that is hon­est, attrac­tive and dis­tinc­tive. Pack­ages of long last­ing visual integrity.