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just a Space divider and ghost chairs. Another one where they put the long table up against the wall. Instead of chairs, have wall-hugging storage benches in an L-shape, with chairs on the 'living room' side and on the end for a big party.

dřevěné bedýnky police - Hledat Googlem

Old crates can be used as shelving to create an eclectic hallway. Wonderful idea for house decor and wall shelves.

Maybe by the front door somewhere for shoes? Or from the garage entrance?

Mix of modern and retro

This trio of ikea TRONES boxes provides a place to stash shoes and hats and gloves, without taking up too much space. This low grouping (with a shelf on top) functions like a really narrow landing strip.

Zapateros decorativos - Ikea Schuhschrank

Zapateros decorativos

Ikea trones, with hooks and shelf on top. would need 4 trones. or 3 and a basket for kids shoes (Closet Diy Ideas)

By-gone era entryway buffered the cold weather as well as adding charm

This won't work in our current space, but I love this sort of entry transition. Add a vestibule. If your front door opens directly into your living space, consider building a small vestibule. A petite glassed-in version,.

Inspiración para un hall pequeño, parte II - Ebom

Wonder if we could build a nook in our hall like this? Would be absolutely ideal!