Embroidery & found photos by Stacey Page.

Stacey Page has a unique, modern approach to embroidery. It appears she transferred photos to cloth and them embellished them with embroidery.

Découvrez les personnages étranges et merveilleux de Stacey Page

Stacey Page

This is a piece by Stacey Page. Again she has converted a vintage photo into a textile masterpiece. I really like the detail she has gone to to include the house and windows as well as colour them in with thread.

Stacey Page Embroidery www.staceypage.com

Fotografías bordadas, por Stacey Page firmadas

Melinda - Embroidery art work - Hand embroidered portrait

Melodie Stacey - Melinda Embroidery art work Hand embroidered by maidolls

Embroidered Photos by Melissa Zexter

Melissa Zexter

I’ve featured plenty of embroidered art, over the past year especially, but the work of Melissa Zexter just feels.


Les oeuvres brodées de Stacey Page