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MAKE LOVE NOT WAR anti-war poster USA 1967 24X36 CLASSIC collectors ART

Opposition to war was a big part of counterculture.This poster not only shows the anti-war sentiment of the decade, but also contains aspects of the hippie culture with the phrase "Make Love" and the peace symbol.

Woodstock 1969

In August the Woodstock Music and Art Fair took place in Bethel, New York, the best of hippie counterculture. Over people arrived to hear some of the most notable musicians and bands of the era Más

1970s phrases and slangs | Stock Vector © Abraham RAGUINDIN #30900011024 x 1024286.9KBdepositphotos.com

slogans and slang phrases - how well I remember them; brings back memories of high school days.

Spending the love ❤️ Pass it on! Free People Other

The Sixties was a decade of two halves – the swinging London of mods and boutiques (an extrovert, indigenous moment), and the counter-culture of hippies and revolution (a more self-conscious, Americanised phenomenon).

The Sixties by Jenny Diski: review

I loved the sixties - they changed my life direction and gave me 2 beautiful children.