Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel headcanon- Natasha and Bucky trying to scare Steve.

I like this headcanon...ANOTHER!!!

I like this headcannon

Bland Marvel Headcanon

I want to Darcy so bad. My mother agrees that her and I are practically the same person anyway and if my mother actually agrees with me then we know the accuracy of my claim.

This is so cute! The Avengers would do that!

Alyssa perches on the armrest of Steve’s chair or sits in the small space between him and the wall. Wanda uses Visions cape as a blanket. Cia and Pietro have

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel Headcanon - Steve may be his best friend, but it's Clint who really helps Bucky start to heal and recover, because he knows what it's like to be brainwashed, to have someone steal control

Both Tony and Loki are immune to the infamous ‘puppy dog’ look. Tony because he has had to deal with Pepper for over 10 years as has built immunity to her and Loki because he actually grew up with Thor, and he’s used to his brother’s puppy look. Thor and Pepper, on the other hand, have yet to build immunity to that look.

Tony Stark goes to rock concerts regularly. Sometimes he goes backstage but most times he likes to lose himself in the crowd. He’s only worn the suit once, and it was because it was Black Sabbath and people kept trying to elbow him out of the front row.


Bland Marvel Headcanons: YES! I love this because when I watched Captain America: the First Avenger I was wondering what Tony would do if he got his hands on such tapes *laughs and cries*

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel headcannon, Jack should teach Steve about what have happen the last 70 years

This is adorable

Bland Marvel Headcannon: Clint and 'Tasha are married.

Bland Marvel Headcanons

“ The cycle of being constantly frozen and thawed out by Hydra made The Winter Soldier’s eyes very sensitive to light. This is why he wears goggles in the day and grease paint around his eyes at night to reduce glare and improve his vision.

“ Nick Fury has a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse. And for when Girl Scouts try to take over America. Not if. When. ”

Bland Marvel Headcanons aka Put Down The Thin Mints, Nick


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Awww bless his poor sweet heart. Steve's such a good (boy)friend.

... I want to be an Avenger now.... Please?

blandmarvelheadcanons: “ Black Cat has sent several memos around S.D for the person or persons involved to stop sending her catnip and yarn ” It’s Deadpool

Bland Marvel Headcanon: Halloween is ten times better when Thor is around, he always goes to haunted houses or heavily decorated places and “protects” the children.

X men

X men

Bland Marvel Headcanon. X-Men. Erik Lensherr (Magneto), Charles Xavier (Professor X), Logan  (Wolverine), etc.

X-Men. Erik Lensherr (Magneto), Charles Xavier (Professor X), Logan (Wolverine), etc.