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I found me a man that can do it all ❤️

BBC gives unrealistic expectations in men. I think I must have found THE perfect man :) .it's so true though!

Bahahaha @Marion Cipher! I love it!

Tenth Doctor/David Tennant on a horse like the Old Spice Man

Spaceman &  Earth girl!   ;-) His face is priceless. And let's just take a moment to realize that 10.2 is part Donna and that he is now with Rose. Lol

I love how Donna's like watch it spaceman and the doctors like watch it earth girl like it's souposed to be offensive

I'm a hermione!!!!!

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Never Ignore a Coincidence (do I get points for noticing that 23 was missing when I watched it?)

Never Ignore a Coincidence. Then always ignore coincidences. And I totally watched that episode earlier and noticed/contemplated why 23 was missing.


<< I'm supposed to be writing an essay rn i don't want to though heheh I'll just fail biology ← adulthood? More like LIFE

David Tenant competing roles

BOREDOM: Being stuck at a death eater trial, when you could be flying around in your TARDIS. - Doctor Who / Harry Potter Crossover Humor - David Tennant