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undertale, underswap, sans, papyrus, southpark

I think when they meet blue and original sans would be like what is happining and blue wpuld be llike omg my doppelganger is sooo cool loke my bro and sans looks over and he makes that favce like . prosesing um what papyrus laid back and smoking

Undertale sans comp *Spoilers ahead*

It fricks me the frick up that the first attack Sans uses on you is Papyrus'. He uses the attack that his brother never got the chance to show you. [UNDERTALE SPOILERS] Now you're Blue!


Holy shit Dadster, now we know where Sans gets his sass!

PTA Sans by ShadowCatGamer on DeviantArt

PTA Sans by ShadowCatGamer on DeviantArt << Karen so confused and spends her evening researching different timelines.

PTA Undertale: Vaccinations

PTA Undertale: Vaccinations<I have a weak immune system so I actually get whatever they are vaccinating me for but unless you have that problem get vaccinations!