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Nothing better than exploring a new place with your feet!
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Beginner�s Running Program - Work towards making it a habit and it will become easier. Don't give up!

Beginner's Running Program

Things only runner understand ... run that clean 5..
Here are the 7 Stretches YOU need to do after each run. Learn HOW at: http://www.runnersblueprint.com/blog/stretches_every_runner_should-do/ #Runners Stretches

The 7 Stretches Every Runner Should Do

I run for fitness, I run for mental clarity, I run to meditate, I run to challenge my mis-beliefs and to affirm my positive beliefs, I run for fun, I run to experience the mental and emotional HIGH, I run to motivate and inspire other's, I run to experience my freedom, I run to let my senses absorb the beauty which surrounds me, I run because it's convenient, I run to get away, I run to journey somewhere, I run to experience a good healthy sweat, challenged breathing, and...
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While we all know about the official runners guide R.I.C.E when injured (rest, ice, compress and elevate).  There are very few of us, myself included, who can say that we have not had a shot at the...

The not so sensible but very widely used guide to running injuries.