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vintage everyday: 37 Breathtaking Color Photographs of the American South Taken by William Eggleston in the Late and Early

Huntsville, Alabama, ca. 1970 William Eggleston (American, born Dye transfer print 18 x 12 in. x cm) Gift of Jeffrey Fraenkel and Frish Brandt, 1991 © Eggleston Artistic Trust

William Eggleston, in Full Color at London's National Portrait Gallery Photos | W Magazine

William Eggleston in Full Color

Untitled, (Devoe Money in Jackson, Mississippi) by William Eggleston, ©Eggleston Artistic Trust

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William Eggleston - Memphis, Tennessee (Postcard) Man Eating a Burger at McDonalds. Probably the McDonalds on Summer Ave.

The Democratic Forest by William Eggleston

The Democratic Forest by William Eggleston

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William Eggleston: Untitled Speaking of Big Star: The girl in the red dress is Eggleston’s cousin Lesa Aldridge, who dated Andy Hummel while she was in high school and later was.

William Eggleston. Memphis. c. 1969

Think of a William Eggleston photograph and it most likely will not feature any people. You most likely may recall simple slices of rural American life: a