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Australia Postage Stamp: Aboriginal Art c. part of the Zoological series depicts aboriginal rock carving of a crocodile

As a kid, used to be a stamp collector... Fantastic art works and graphics!

Romanian postage stamp from 1961 featuring the CCCP / USSR space programme

vintage stamp

postage stamp Austria The Design of a Postage Stamp happy bird stamp Postage stamp + illustration vintage stamp

Israel Aviation Stamp 1959

Israel Postage Stamp: Civil Aviation catalog c. 1959 in honor of Civil Aviation Decade in Israel series

Soviet Union CCCP -1967- #Stamps Satellite of Extraterrestrial Civilization

Collection of CCCP / USSR / Soviet Union postage stamps from 1967 featuring space travel and extra terrestrial life

USA Arizona 1912 1962

Ugly/beautiful, dreamy Arizona State commemorative stamp from unsigned. Love them cactuses.