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Hans... Like oh Thor if only there was someone out there who loved you...

Hadn't thought about this. Thor and Loki: Disney Princes for reals, yo.but i still hate the fact that Disney owns Marvel. i love disney, love marvel, i just cant picture them together.or lucas films and i better stop x/


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Funny pictures about Hail Hydrant. Oh, and cool pics about Hail Hydrant. Also, Hail Hydrant photos.

Robert Downey Jr. is awesome!

Oh I love this man. Laughing so hard right now. I'm pretty sure that in an alternate universe, Robert Downey Jr. Is in fact a llama. And in this universe llamas with hats is a true story.

Always wait till after the credits...there's always an extra scene!

I saw Captain America last night and more than half the people left right when the credits started then half of the remaining people left after the first extra scene. In the end there was only 5 people left in the theater including me and my friend

Just take the goat Loki :) (I dont know why Thor is giving Loki a little goat, but this is cute) ---- aaawww.... Loki!! <3

Just take the goat Loki :) (I dont know why Thor is giving Loki a little goat, but this is cute) *he i giving Loki a goat because his helmet has goat horns on it*


It’s Always About The Evil Brother

I JUST CRIED, LITERALLY CRIED TEARS OVER THE HILARITY OF THIS ONE POST.   Seriously had to manually add it to pinterest because it might be the funniest thing I've ever read.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth annoying the crap out of Chris' daughter as Loki and Thor.

Tom Hiddleston being bad-ass..

Loki takes over SD Comic con--worth pinning just for the best caption I've ever read

Sometimes, I wonder how Loki ever resisted kicking Thor between the legs.  xD  At the same time, however, the thought of having a guy like this as my brother would make me cry in happiness.

Just Thor riding a cat into battle, how's your day going? - Don't Hate The Geek

Let us not forget though how much Eric and Thor had to do with S.H.I.E.L.D. after the first Thor movie. Eric was probably like, "Wait, now he's here, too?!" Loki's face is s funny though.

It's kind of sad that people only know Loki as Thor's brother though. He's not just Loki. He's Loki, brother of the almighty Thor.