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; )  Illegal- Selling my kidney  Immoral- Doing it for plastic surgery   Fattening- im a fatass junk food junkie  Addictive- Obsessing about being ugly and hating myself   Expensive- Plastic surgery  Impossible- Dreaming about becoming a metamorphmagus like Tonks on Harry Potter so I can change my appearance at will

Everything i like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive or impossible essencials-for-life

Being a Christian is pretty nice too.. lol

I had manners. I was fairly attractive. I was funny. My life fell apart when I was diagnosed with stupid fucking breast cancer. I don't give a fuck if I have manners, my looks were destroyed. I lost my sense of humor.

Create your own happiness

Try an ItWorks! skinny wrap and see what this crazy wrap thing is all about! Only takes 45 minutes!

In honour of Milan Fashion Week - so true!

for some people fashion week lasts all year.happy fashion week everyone!

Coffee -create- sleep

Happy {Back to Basics} Weekend

I just want to drink coffee, and create stuff, and sleep. - sounds like the perfect life!

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The worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing. And believe it or not, doing nothing, is still making a choice

Kind of need this :)

This is getting cross-stitched, framed, and hung right by the front door.