Whirl Pool by M C Escher. идея математической функции как основы искусства, взрывает мозг

Design by Jurriaan Schrofer. That's Maurits Cornelis Escher the Dutch artist, and Jurriaan Schrofer the Dutch typographer and graphic designer.

Escher, la geometria dell'inquietudine

Escher, la geometria dell'inquietudine

Escher, M. C.

MC Escher

Bond of Union - M.C. Escher - 1956

MC Escher Paintings was an artist; created each tessellation with extradorinary math skills. The MC Escher artwork continued to develop with his drawing hands art print.

Depth by M.C. Escher. LOVE Escher art!! this one not as much as so many others...but it's cool!

MC Escher - "Depth" 1955 wood engraving in brown-red, grey-green and dark brown, printed from 3 blocks