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yet anther unrealistic standard of beauty for women


This looks like fun! Dollar bills could sure use more silly faces.

me whenever i tell a joke no one laughs at at lunch

Alex Trebek is king of the dad joke.


LOL the little girl in the bottom nailed it!


How i felt in High School Vs College

Why does that happen?!

funny-memes-funny-photos-funny-quotes-and-sayings-funny-cartoons-funny . When someone try's to trick you to make you lose


either there is a tiger statue somewhere, or this is a very bad translation.

Probably one of the funniest commercials on the air today!

Get it totes my goats.totes magotes to make it funny lol

As a bilingual Chinese person, I can confirm that this is true. And it's 10x funnier when they freaking BRAG about it. And 100x funnier when I tell them what it REALLY means. XD

Funny pictures about If Chinese people got English tattoos. Oh, and cool pics about If Chinese people got English tattoos. Also, If Chinese people got English tattoos.

I Wish He'd Come Bach

Bach Bach goes the chicken

Nobody likes ants

Funny pictures about Romantic vs. Oh, and cool pics about Romantic vs. Also, Romantic vs.

If only....

If only....

Life of Pi got a sequel it seems.<<< I can't watch it! :( bc my mom says i cant watch tellytubbies or whtever theyre called


If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that Ryan Seacrest tried to high five a blind guy on TV

Never give up fixing people's spelling and grammar even if they complain!

we're not "grammar nazis". we just know how to spell.-----Lindsay should have said, "people who." not "people that." Who is for people, that is for things.

Funny Daily Pictures #CuteDog

Funny Daily Pictures #CuteDog


Funny pictures about Movie theater theft. Oh, and cool pics about Movie theater theft. Also, Movie theater theft.