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Chatty Cathy Doll. Santa brought one just like her. She had 2 little teeth and when Granny had her teeth pulled, I pulled Chatty Cathy's too, only she didn't get new ones! lol

My Chatty Cathy doll-pull her string and she would talk. My little sister broke her string!

1961 BETSEY WETSEY - another great doll...would have loved this at 6 years old!

Betsy Wetsy Doll From The Nothing could beat that new doll smell. Unfortunately my Betsy got a terminal case of internal mildew.

Chatty Cathy

Her bodice was red velveteen, her skirt was lined lace, and her shoes had a heart button. Mine looked just like this, except I think she had dark brown hair. "Will you play with me?

Remember Chatty Cathy doll

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My favorite doll that I still have

1960's Mattel First Issue Chatty Cathy Blond All Original Face Color

Flash back

Betsy Wetsy doll ad from the The Ideal Toy Co. started manufacturing her in named after the head of the company, A. She was one the first of the popular dolls to also be offered in ethnic versions. I loved my Betsy!

Chatty Cathy  pull string talking doll of the 60's. My dad brought me one home from overseas...it spoke Japaneses:(

This was just like my Chatty Cathy Doll that I received in 1960 as a two year old. I named her my "Karen" doll. We spent a lot of time together.

Thumbelina. I loved her!  I still remember the Christmas when my grandma gave me, my sister, and my 2 cousins these dolls.  Now I have the collectors version of her.

Thumbelina - you would wind the knob on her back and her head and arms would move. She was my favorite baby doll.

History of Chatty Cathy | Retro Chatty Cathy...♥ her. note- Sears Catalog

ad Sew new doll clothes for my Chatty Chathy.sill have the sweet doll. My Chatty has the dark hair . looks a lot like I did as a child. A gift from my sweet Grandma Louise

Thumbelina doll...you turned a knob in the back and the doll moved slowly...just like a real baby.

I remember taking my new Thumbelina doll to show and tell in first grade. I was horrified when her head fell off as it turned around!

'Watching the 'Morton Salt' commercial ... (on a black & white TV, of course) ... she's the 'Morton Salt' girl... "Because when it Rains, it Pours" ...'        ~ Beverly ~

'Watching the 'Morton Salt' commercial . (on a black & white TV, of course) . she's the 'Morton Salt' girl. "Because when it Rains, it Pours" .

GLASS WAX was wildly popular in the 1950's. It was one of the best products for cleaning window and left no streaks. According to the ad, it was...  #glasswax

Vintage Christmas Stencils - you dipped the sponge in "Glass Wax" window cleaner and dabbed it on the glass. After the holiday you just wet the windows and polished it off. See how EXCITED she is!