Fantastic way of mixing things, Experimentation is key with collage. try creating collages that incorporate your own photographs and old photographs, sketches, patterns etc

the fool

Astronomers have spotted a "rogue planet" - wandering the cosmos without a star to orbit - 100 light-years away.

Vintage Surrealist Collages by Eugenia Loli | The Dancing Rest | via Chiara

Newborn by Eugenia Loli art newborn nursery nurse in white cap, rocking chair bottle feeds baby octopus,



Ugly children, this photo is fun and sad. if someone truly put their kids there shame on them.

[ Ginástica de mães Art Collage ]

by Gerard Harten gertha the amazing juggling babies performer, roll up circus…

globular girl on Flickr.... | Collage Art by Mariano Peccinetti

Mariano Peccinetti, aka Trasvorder, has an on-going series of psychedelic collages titled “Collage al Infinito” that represents the cosmos through a warm, lens.

Hi Fi // collage but with office stuff

Netherland’s solo show that opens tomorrow night at Gallery San Francisco. {It runs from August ~ weird but i love it

On the inside - my little pony, hello kitty, care bears and ya go diane...inside rainbow dash

My Little Pony Anatomical Sculpture by Jason Freeny.funny and awesome.