My name is Zara Picken and I am an illustrator based in the North East of England. A very sweet illustration entitled Secret Pleasure, by Boyoun Kim. I adore the sophisticated use of colour and pattern.

When you are thinking of using more than two colours on your prints, you need to think which colours can blend well with others so it doesn't ruin the mood of the print.

Another option that would used risograph printing that would be ideal for Birchbox would be making images of objects. I was thinking makeup items as this would really reflect what Birchbox is about in a funky design.

Ryo Takemasa #illustration #food #vegetable

This reminds me of "ratatouille"- Ryo Takemasa - beautiful japanese graphic illustrations. Will look stunning in a kitchen

I like this one as it uses a very minimalistic colour scheme and gives it a very clear look and simplistic.

These fruits and veggies are created with flat colors but are given depth with the use of darker colors, and texture.

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Simple Citrus Salad illustration by Ann Shen for Freutcake- recipe included too!