My name is Zara Picken and I am an illustrator based in the North East of England. A very sweet illustration entitled Secret Pleasure, by Boyoun Kim. I adore the sophisticated use of colour and pattern.

I like this one as it uses a very minimalistic colour scheme and gives it a very clear look and simplistic.

These fruits and veggies are created with flat colors but are given depth with the use of darker colors, and texture.

Illustration. Claire Softley. #chattes

claire softley - These stunning collages by Claire Softley create a pattern of cats, potted plants and abstract geometric shapes.


Lora Lamm Illustration 2 "Summer and Sea". Poster for summertime sales at La Rinascente department store, Milan. From Graphis Annual tips collections

. donbrady

On Monday morning I spotted a bottle of goat´s milk in the discounted section of my supermarket. I know what you´re thinking: "call child p.