Culture of One - Christopher Brand

Some really attractive book cover designs from New Yorker Christopher Brand. Via Christopher Brand

oliver munday - great book covers (and all other work in his portfolio too!)

Cover for Gun Machine, Little Brown 2012 (killed) AD: Keith Hayes Dan Mogford 50 Canadian Book Covers of Note vintage book cover design by P.

Trying Not to Try : The Ancient Art of Effortlessness and the Surprising Power of Spontaneity - Edward Slingerland

Escape Velocity

10 New Must-Reads for October

Escape Velocity: A Charles Portis Miscellany: Charles Portis, Jay Jennings: Books

Design by Oliver Munday. “Your Face in Mine” by Jess Row - The Best Book Covers of 2014 - #coolcovers

The Best Book Covers of 2014

Nice color palette of warm and neutral colors. Geometrical shapes create hard and sharp edges. Typography is clean and simple and is not too overpowering next to the the extreme shapes.

Book cover, Czechoslovakia

Im a sucker for meaningless shapes and good use of color. My favorite designer is Josef BrockMann.this reminds me of him.



love the dark colour and illustration! - cool to utilize text/geometric elements combined with the botanical

Helen Yentus, cover design

lemonlights: “reading this book by the inimitable Helen Oyeyemi, thinking about the Platonic antithesis of seeming & being (cf. footnote 1 here) and the concept of ‘passing’, dangerous tropes (cf. the comment towards the end on transphobia), and.