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crystal head vodka

Magnum Size Crystal Head Vodka _ Crystal Head vodka is an ultra-pure, unadulterated spirit that has been quadruple-distilled and three-times filtered through quartz crystals for a seamlessly smooth end product.

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In 2007 Ghost Buster, Dan Aykroyd, conceived and founded Crystal Head Vodka. Crystal Head Vodka packaging is simple but highly attractive and oozes a.

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Crystal Head vodka takes its inspiration from the legendary crystal skulls that are said to have come from the Aztec era and are believed to hold mystically powers. The vodka itself is made in Newfoundland canada.

octopus jar

beautiful, bottle, ocean, octopus, sea- Something to keep your Kraken Rum in - Sculpture by Elstwhen.

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Skull Shot Glass

Etched Glass Globe decanter

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set

Etched Glass Globe Spirits Decanter ♥ I don't drink whiskey, but I would keep it in the house just to have this decanter.


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13th Skull Decanter Octopus Sculpture on Crystal Head by Elstwhen

Crystal Skull, Skull Decanter, Octopus Sculpture on Crystal Head Vodka Bottle.


I have pinned this because of the unique design of the shape of the bottle. It almost looks like a large ice cube. This would distinguish the product on a shop shelf as most other water bottles will be the average shape.

Matterhorn Mountain Whiskey Glass #fathersday

Matterhorn Glasses (2)

Shop - Matterhorn Glasses How do you unwind after a grueling day of hiking? How about a bit of whiskey from your new Matterhorn Glass.


Crystal Head Vodka - I've got to buy one to get my hands on this beautiful skull bottle!

Cathedral Cognac Bottle by Ivan Venkov THAT bottle so pretty

Pious Alcohol Packaging

cathedral cognac bottle - The Cathedral Cognac Bottle is an exquisite way to hold your liquor. Designed by Ivan Venkov, the project was meant to create a packaging concept.

Brain freeze: Skull ice molds!

Brain freeze: Skull ice molds!

Skull Ice Cube Mold Use this mold set to make skull-shaped (minus lower jaw) ice cubes (or candies or cakes or soap or.) Each mold makes one skull ice