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♂ Amazing nature wild life photography elephant love Elephants are the most emotional and compassionate of animals.

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Elephants find a mate, and stay with them for life. That's part of why if I were to be an animal, I would choose an elephant.

Have you ever looked into an elephant's eye, in person I mean?  You'll never be the same...

Elephant's eye closeup taken at Golden Triangle Elephant Camp in the very far north of Thailand

la marche des éléphants , superbe !

This is a picture of an elephant "parade." The elephants line up and do different moves or tricks. I think this is a very interesting thing that the elephants do. This proves that elephants are smart creatures.

Me half the time The other half of the time I think the universe is terrible and should die but whatev

Untill it makes me contemplate my life and existence but yeah completely

#love the #sky »✿❤ Mego❤✿«

I could spend eternity staring at it with "someone" 😌