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After I finish laughing.this is sooo me

I do not want to brag or make anybody jealous or anything, but I can still fit into my earrings that I wore in high school!

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"If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me." Ouiser Boudreaux  :)

You drink too much. You swear too much. You have no morals. You're everything I've ever wanted in a friend! Peck & Rowton your my besties!

Made me giggle ... for you drinking friends :) I already look dumb enough as it is!

Funny pictures about Dear alcohol. Oh, and cool pics about Dear alcohol. Also, Dear alcohol.

fun, funny, ironic, good mood switch on, lol, when you need something to turn instantly your lips upwards. Smile like there's no tomorrow :-D

if I had a nickel for every time my phone auto corrected 'shit' into 'shut' I would have 16 nickels

Every single time

This made me laugh so hard! I have fallen down the stairs at least 100 times in my life.I won't like a couple of those times was actually walking UP the stairs lol

Lord have mercy. This is me every day. haha.

My mind says I'm in my twenties, my body says yeah you wish!Shut up body!