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this should be illegal, I feel personally attacked. no man in his 30s has ever personified a beam of sunshine with such accuracy.

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The Actual Cutest Sebastian Stan

❝Tu te tornas e t e r n a m e n t e responsável por aquilo que c a… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

[preferences avengers]

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Do you tho, DO you? Have you SEEN Pinterest? You're adorkable Seb and we'll never forget that.

I don't get romantic crushes on stars, I get friend crushes. Like, I dkn't want to kiss Seb, but I would love to beat him at Cards Against Humanity. I would board game that boy so hard, he'd never be the same. << EXACTLY SOMEONE GETS IT

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan will be my husband one day

What even is happening in here<<<a fan of his gave him a gift and he loves it. The video is adorable

You are such a f***ing dork, Seb.

Such a dork. I LOVE HIMMMMMM

Such a dork

He reminds me of someone in this GIF, but I can't remember who!

The beautiful Sebastian Stan


Sebastian Stan at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Such gentlemen haha

Chris trying to take the opportunity to put his arms around Seb ? ^^ added bonus Chris is so concerned that she tripped

I don't know why I like this one I just do don't judge me I'll be over here crying happy tears

runaway (bucky barnes x reader)

sebastian stan is actively ruining my life 27/∞ “who’s stronger, you or chris?”

I stood about 20 feet away from him at Chicago Comic Con<<LUCKY

Sebastian ⭐️ Stan

Sebastian Stan being the cutest human alive

Looks like Bucky found the camera on Ciana's phone...

Actually one of my favorite photosets of him.) <<< Sebastian selfies are the best selfies xD

Sebastian, The Martian Press tour, China.

Sebastian ✪ Stan, The Martian Press tour, China.


MeOhMy — Imagine Filming Sebastian You giggled holding.

Not that Tumblr needed another SebStan blog...