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The Amazing Spider-Man # 1 (2015) cover by Alex Ross

Spider-Man's new costume by Alex Ross and new Spider-mobile in October's AmazingSpider-Man

Spiderman(Peter Parker) puddle of water Spider-Man ( Miles Morales) #Spiderman #SuperheroesMuseum

Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 by Sara Pichelli Spiderman almost never made it off the drawing board because Martin Goodman, (then the head of Marvel Comics,) told Stan Lee he thought it was a bad idea for a comic book hero. His reasoning was that many p


Avengers With Red Hulk vs. Spidey & Black Widow Nice for a Spider to have friends again

All-New Captain America #1 variant cover by Alex Ross

Sam Wilson, the African-American hero known as Falcon, was chosen to take on the title of Captain America in his own comic book.

Iron Man superhero mashups look supercool - CNET

Iron Man superhero mashups look supercool

The IronMash Super Hero Series - Created by BossLogic What if Iron Man made suits for other super heroes? This series by Boss Logic might gi.


Superbe travail d’illustration de Matt Taylor

Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Matt Taylor. Officially licensed promotional poster produced for IMAX screenings of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Art Direction by Mondo