Design av Arne Jacobsen - Trapez #1778 #borastapeter #scandinaviandesigners

Scandinavian Designers II from Boråstapeter, a unique opportunity to decorate your walls with a piece of classic Scandinavian design.

Tapeten kommer från Boråstapeter ur kollektionen Wallpapers by Scandinavian Designers.

Borastapeter wallpaper, geometric style,comes in many fantastic shades,comimg soon to Cloudberry living

Arne Jacobsen-tapet "Vertigo" fra kolleksjonen Scandinavian Designers II fra BoråsTapeter. Lanseres i Norge høsten 2016 av Borge.

Scandinavian Designers II, a new collection from Boråstapeter that will be launched in mid June. Stay connected by signing up for our newsletter and be the first to experience these new Scandinavian designs.


Gorgeous quick up wallpaper by Swedish designer Charlotta Sandberg for Majvillan. The wallpaper has a very beautiful surface where you can feel the color struct

Design av Arne Jacobsen - Trapez #1778 #borastapeter #scandinaviandesigners

Scandinavian design wallpaper Trapez from collection by Borastapeter and Eco Wallpaper

Dark kitchen

Dark kitchen

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Paris Déco Off : les nouveautés papiers peints 2018

We can custom the draw and the color(s)

Sublimez vos intérieurs en mettant un papier peint blanc

To get a perfect industrial living room you will need to choose the perfect items to get in it. A perfect lamp is always a good piece, and a must have!

Behang / Wallpaper Scandinavian collection HEJ - BN

The unique Scandinavian feeling with soft tones and modern, graphic design is multi-usable. Mixing the patterns of this collection together can work beautifu.