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Adorable and funny but... I hate to be pedantic, but I think it's a sea lion if it has ears, right?

Seals are just Dog Mermaids. Think about it. Well, let's see, my childhood is ruined, everything I thought I knew about life and animals.

Let's make them birds :)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Giant Jesus vs. Brachiosaurus

The Bible can be viewed as two different texts. The second half of The Bible is a chronicle of the life of Jesus, who Christians consider to be the Messiah. The first half of The Bible is basically a


Funny pictures about Ikea Crucifix. Oh, and cool pics about Ikea Crucifix. Also, Ikea Crucifix photos.

my kids and I laugh every time we read this!

Even though I play the piano, and I am NOT a big nerd (although some of my friends would say different), this is HILARIOUS!

Oh my god. If I ever did this I would unfortunately only notice WHEN I actually gave it to someone important. I'd probably either try to take it from them or just start cheering them on like they were in a race. "GO! GO! RIP THAT PAPER! NO, DON'T LOOK AT IT!"

Definitely not a good idea..


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T-Rex Tiny Arms. Poor Dino D:. oh my, thats funny! Yeah, and you ab-so-lu-tel-ly NEVER saw this anywhere else before right? take my red pinkie bro dinosaur t rex happy fuuuuuu

Funny pictures, and/or relatable posts on my dash.

I would laugh so hard Yep! I'm not sure why this made me laugh so hard. this made me laugh


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Get a laugh: And thats where fat girls come from | #girls, #fat, #combine, #fusion, #funny

Funny pictures about And that's where fat girls come from. Oh, and cool pics about And that's where fat girls come from. Also, And that's where fat girls come from.