"Government agents from A Vague Yet Menacing Agency were in the back, watching." Avengers + Welcome to Night Vale. It works surprisingly well (especially the Howard Stark one, ouch). do I put this under Marvel, or under WTNV?

Baldur The Brony by ~blargberries on deviantART

Baldur The Brony by ~blargberries on deviantART<< let's never speak of this again.

Guardians of the Galaxy--- this is the funniest thing I've seen all day. I actually know both of the songs mentioned, I feel so UPDATED in POP Culture! Haha!

Guardians of the Galaxy: The intimate thoughts of Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Peter Quill (Codename: Star-Lord), and their crew.

Captain America Facts

Captain America Facts

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Did you see this?

Did you see this?

Tumblr Marvel #4

Tumblr Marvel #4

Hawkeye, Loki and iron man's are simply the best just for the caw caw motherfucker, ehehe Loki'd and iron man would build you a library!

Pizza, Marvel

Team cap... But really just team Bucky

But really just team Bucky<<really team cap is just team "dont hurt bucky or we will kill you"

Let's see there's Sam, Dean, Cass, Henry/Denny, pretty much everyone from GA, and book charcters from all the series I love

They are just better than real guys so I will. there are a few exceptions of course but i will obsess over them just as much!

Friendly reminder that Hawkeye is at the front of the line. :3

No matter what, whether you are a fan girl waiting for an autograph, waiting for revenge. there will always be a line for Loki!


Marvel Movie Actor Fail, but to be fair fantastic four is currently owned by Sony.