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Halo 4 Railgun

Master Chief, Halo 4 international magazine cover Drawing Illustration by John Liberto


Mark 4 Master Chief (Halo Legends - The Package/Forward Unto Dawn)


Master chief with a boltshot You have to love the boltshot One shot kill

Master Chief's suit in Halo 4. I think I like this one the best

Halo 4 master chief, you get his armor for completing the game on legendary, also this is Mark IV armor

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HALO 4 Armor, VENATOR, the true recognition of an assasination master. First armor i unlocked

Chief-"God dangit! Another crashing ship I have to hike to, only to meet more  alien resistance? Why am I the one who has to walk for ten miles though jungle!?!?

What to Expect From E3 2012

Halo may just be a video game, but many friend ships have been formed yelling at a screen.


The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are a special operations capable organization of the UNSC.

ODST At the Ready by LordHayabusa357

ODST At the Ready by LordHayabusa357

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