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Kpop meme "GD lol"

when TOP watch his other fellas antics.

D-Lite in Distress | allkpop Meme Center Awww, don't worry Daesung oppa, we love you too!

D-Lite in Distress.LOL I laughed so hard but I also felt bad for daesung! I had no idea GD was in this video until I watched it!

G Dragon is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, lyricist, model and producer and sometimes a Fanboy.

Daesung : Omo De l'eau de l'eau de l'eau ! Elle a plus de cul que moi !

?K-Pop? - 😇BigBang😇

XD - Daesung in the Secret Garden parody by Big Bang

This was too good not to post.  It applies to sooo many things.  XD

One of the best gifs of G Dragon.

Baby's  |•°

Ahhh so cute and look at TOP's face!

And he still manages to look adorable *sigh* #GD

And he still manages to look adorable *sigh*

Number one rule in trying to learn the name of members in a kpop group von Yvonne | We Heart It

Inspiring image funny meme, true story, bigbang, kpop meme, funny by winterkiss - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Taeyang & G Dragon of BIGBANG xD xD

Savage Taeyang is savage

T.O.P [Choi Seung Hyun]

T.O.P [Choi Seung Hyun]

T.O.P  Big bang

That is a perfectly logical answer. Who doesn't love getting free food?


TOP likes chocolate

Big Bang is making a movie for their made album

Let’s not fall in love. I’m already in love guysss.

Silly Men. Those are the concerts I want to go to

This is why we have dancing kpop groups people XD they get insane when they have nothing to do >> TRUE.

Choi Seunghyun a.k.a. T.O.P. - The hitman. Right-hand man of the dragon. First in line. The colour of his bullets fitting his hair colour - a present from his boss.


If I was sitting at a bar and looked over and saw this I would probably fall off my chair<<have you heard of a heart attack?