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UI Animation of automotive infotainment system

UI Animation of concept automotive infotainment system for promo video…

Kia IVI In Vehicle Infotainment

Kia's IVI concept is designed to be a hub of information and entertainment. It is capable of delivering satellite navigation, entertainment playback, wireles.

Do you have any loan? wouldn't it be awesome to have a loan manager application which overviews all your loans and the progress? Also this prospective app reminds you due dates for each loan, so yo...

Loan Manager Application

Dashboard/Analytics Page Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium


Storyfinder by Marcin Bielenin, via Behance game user interface gui ui

HMI 인포테인먼트 시스템 인터페이스

HMI Infotainment System Interface

BMW Series5 2017 Central Display UX / UI Design

Learn from UX practitioners about interaction design, user research, IA, and UX strategy.

Cluster 360 Demo Powered By Kanzi UI Solution

This Cluster 360 demo made with Kanzi UI Solution is the best demonstration of how Kanzi can turn a traditional dashboard into a visually stunning and inform.

Cityguide Concept - CarPlay by Cleveroad

Cityguide Concept - CarPlay

The state of UI design in most vehicles today is widely criticized for being unintuitive, outdated, and aesthetically unappealing. Car manufacturers have been slow to implement the quality of design…