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After thousands got screwed by the DNC and Hillary's lapdog D.Bernie needs to run as an independent in the general election ! BERNIE or BUST

Bernie Sanders 2016. I'd rather pay for a poor person to eat than for a prison to lock them up in.

Or continue Subsidizing Rich Tax Dodging Corporate Moochers w/my Tax dollars!

Senator Bernie Sanders, Vt, warned prior to the 2008 economic collapse that the…

Chris Matthews on Jimmy Carter's Failure to Cheer Hillary in 2016: A 'Sin of Omission' | Media Research Center

Bernie Sanders vs Ron Paul on Poverty in America Bernie Sanders vs Ron Paul on Poverty in America Published on Jun 2015

This will be a fight till June for every last delegate. Just like in 2008 when Hillary lost to Obama. Do not get discouraged, do not listen to those who are calling the race over, KEEP PUSHING. WORK FOR THIS REVOLUTION. A total of 469 seats in the U.S. Congress (34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 8, 2016. This may well be the most important election year in our lifetime. For Bernie Sanders, this means the entire Revolution can be completed in a single…

Don't sharpen your pitchfork yet. Ok, sharpen it but just in case.

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5b441b209f6d70a191e8d248fc2a79f2.jpg 502×960 pixels

bernie sanders quotes - Google Search

bernie sanders quotes - Google Search

Embedded image permalink. This is one of the many reasons Bernie Sanders is awesome!

One of my FAVORITE Bernie stories! This is one of the many reasons Bernie Sanders is so awesome!

'Truth' by Redditor 'Neitosensei'. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

The Digital Left on

This is my second Bernie Sanders Hair Vector I made with the intent to be used for promoting Bernie in This file is completely free to use for anything, even the logo is made public domain (a.

(445) #HillarySoQualified hashtag on Twitter

Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin

How Black Lives Matters Protesters Are Helping Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders does his own math: Here’s what we’re missing about his early racial stumbles

The Story of How Bernie Sanders Became Famous Will Make You Love Him Even More

The story of how Bernie Sanders became famous. A warrior for the middle class and civil rights for all!

Bernie Sanders

The damage done by Bush will last for decades. ISIS is a direct result of the false war in Iraq. No other President, including Bush Sr., was so ignorant of the consequences of Sadam's overthrow and the consequences to the Middle East.

And hand Donald Trump the election. Do you think that's what Bernie Sanders wants? Will that help the forward motion of your Revolution? Who or what are you trying to help other than your own bruised ego?

Establishment “Bewildered” Bernie Wants Policies Not Personal Gain America loves him for being the real deal

A writer for the Huffington Post showcased the “bewildered” state of the establishment regarding Bernie Sanders's goals and motivations.

Remember We Represent Bernie Sanders, Stay Cool, Calm and Collected. we do not fear small problems, we work together to find solutions, we move forward together.