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How to Make a White Face Paint Without Glycerin. I need this for VBS!


Cat eye with false eyelashes will add to the ghastly look you are going for this Halloween. Add to your Halloween eye makeup this year! - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup

Doe-Em-Gee. Antlers made out of U by Kotex Click® and Sleek® tampons?! This DIY deer Halloween costume is as awesome as it is cray.   1.	Gather Supplies 2.	Duct tape the tampon applicators together into 2 antlers.  3.	Tape antlers to the headband. 4.	Attach liners to headband by removing backing and folding over. 5.	Spray paint the whole thing bronze. 6.	Add some pink felt for the ears.  Peep our other pin for the Halloween make-up tutorial! And click the image for a free tampon sample.

U by Kotex® Free Samples

"Beauty and the Beast" scary Halloween makeup

"Beauty and the Beast" scary Halloween makeup

If Disney characters were real... She makes such a great Tinkerbell, and just look at those wings! What great craftsmanship!

Character: Tinker Bell / From: Walt Disney Animation Studios 'Peter Pan' / Cosplayer: Unknown

Fantastic Charlie Chaplin Make-up

Black and white film Charlie Chaplin costume

They’re also in the same order the movies were released three years in a row. Hate jim carrey but the costumes and the johnny and Will ones are great

This would be amazing Wish I had a bunch of friends that I could do this with:) Best Group Costumes: each person dress as a different character an actor has played (all Johnny Depps, Jim Careys, Will Ferrells, etc)


DC comics makeup (Joker, Harley Quinn, A Superman, Bane, Poison Ivy)

skelton face halloween makeup

18 Creative Skeleton Makeup Tutorials For The Most Impressive Halloween Costume

fσℓℓσω уσυя ιииєя мσσиℓιgнт ☾ (Want more pins like this? Follow me! ▶︎ @allegromaestoso)

Halloween Costumes and Makeup this looked like alice in wonderland, my favorite movie