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Agbani Darego a nigerian top model and the 1st african Miss World.


Green is one of my favorite colors. The bright green head wrap and her flawless skin make this photo fab!

Kexxbloxx Swiss Black & White

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(Fayci Tage): tutoriais

The Infinite Shades and Complexities of Black Skin By Wunmi Pedro (what an absolutely Gorgeous woman!Sherri) Her beauty is breath taking! Every shade of black is beautiful my black sistas!

Belleza racial

"Her skin was black, like coal, like pitch. Not just dark brown, inky black that seemed even darker next to the gold and silver of her mismatched eyes.

Nigeria clothing!

Austrian Lace Nigerian Fashion Event Frank Osodi for House of Bunor - BellaNaija


Agbani Darego is a member of the Ijaw tribe of Southern Nigeria. She earned the title of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria and Miss World She is best known for being the first black African to be crowned Miss World. She is now a model.


Really loved Nigerian actress, Dakore's wedding! OH and guess what, she was a dreadlock bride!