Curly Red

2016 Fall / 2017 Winter Hairstyles for Natural Hair. Natural hair can look beautiful in any season, and fall is a great time to try something new & innovative with your mane.

♥ This is ME all day! Super cute!

Tiny small braids in the sides with unraveled two strand twists gathered to the front for a textured bang. The hair in the front is pretty much a twist out, a very popular natural style.

Natural Hair

“Need a little hair inspiration to get your natural coils right and tight? Take a look at these beauties and their coifs, but make sure you have your coconut oil handy because these coils will make.

Nice color

She has Beautiful Big Brown Eyes and with the curly two-toned color only enhances that and her other classic features IMO

{Grow Lust Worthy Hair FASTER Naturally}>>> <<<       Wind Blown Texture!

Check out windblown vibe. *Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin the scene with a gangsta lean, wooh ooh ooh*


puerto rico natural hair pelo natural diosas al natural. Wouldn't be surprised if my kid ends up with an afro like this