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From sleek pixies to au naturel crops, these short hairstyles will inspire you to try something new

17 Best Short Hairstyles for African American Women

Tight curls make for a gorgeous short hairstyle -- but it's not the only way to wear your hair. See all of the best short hairstyles for African American women.

Yassine Rahal

youcantroamwithoutcaesar: joithekittycat: YESSS i swear when my hair hits this length,my nose will be in the clouds

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The big chop is the process by which most African American women who are natural cut their hair in order to remove the damaged, relaxed, or permed ends.

Manic Panic hair dye Manic Panic hair dye works very well on Ethnic Hair and works well on light and unbleached hair...the deeper/darker dyes like purples, blues and reds give the hair more of a tint. I L❤VE IT!!!!  Never tested on Animals only Celebs

How to Dye Hair Crazy Colors

manic panic colors- trying to decide whether to go purple haze, ultra violet, or mystic heather over unbleached red hair to get a dark purple.