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The Otter Maulings: The Tuareg

Tuareg woman photographed during a visit by President Bouteflika to Tamanrasset


Tuareg woman (Saharan and Sahelian Africa (mostly Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya, and Burkina Faso)

Africa | Tuareg woman.  Sahara, Libya | ©Saad Ibrahim

The Tuareg (Twareg or Touareg; endonym Imuhagh) are group of largely matrilineal semi-nomadic, pastoralist people of Berber extraction resid.

By Photographer Monroe Yohey ... lovely faces from several tribes of Tuareg nomads of the Sahara and Sahel who come from Algeria and Niger.

Tuareg Beauty from Niger. Tuareg nomad girl rests on her pestle while pounding millet, a staple food eaten as a porridge. (c) Victor Englebert

Africa | Tuareg man; the higher the social standing of a Tuareg the more concerned he will be to conceal his face on meeting strangers. He will make certain that he does not reveal the tip of his nose, and will often hitch the 'tegalmoust' so high that only his eyes may be seen. | ©Angela Fisher; from her publication "Africa Adorned".

Tuareg man with veil - a sign of male maturity and status. Christine Brown: Textiles for the Head: Utility, Identity, Authority

Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen  http://www.humanplanet.com

The Wodaabe are a nomadic people populating the Sahel desert of West Africa. Once a year in a few select locations, their tribe gathers to celebrate the amazing spectacle of Gerewol.