Best Graphic Design of 2013

Best Graphic Design of 2013

Ménard - hog (pig) breeding and processing company / design by Montréal-based / branding / logo / identity / design / stationery / package / business card / brochure / red / old fashioned meets modern

Corporate identity for bakery

Baker d Chirico in Melbourne Brand Identity Design. The project was a collaboration between FOD (Fabio Ongarato Design), architects March Studio, artist and fashion designers PAM, and Daniel Chirico – Australia’s most recognised artisan bread maker.

identity design orange

Cohesively designed leave-behind package by Bloom Branding Consultants & Designers (Corporate Identity & Design)

The script and color palate is nice. I like that the card has a sleeve with a place to easily pull the card out.

Swoon Cookie Crafters

This site is a resource site for print design inspiration showcasing business cards, posters, brochures, editorial design, t-shirts and more that involve graphic design

his & hers

Eszter and Vörös Guesthouse who wouldn't want to stay here identity packaging branding PD

corporate design. i like black and white

The branding for Anna Amélie was created with classical luxury brands in mind / black and white / stationary / brand identity

McCooper Studios by Royal Studio, via Behance

Daily Inspiration #1317

Porto, Portugal-based Royal Studio was hired to design the brand identity for McCooper Studios, a photography studio with a special

Art & Design Inspiration Fix for May 3rd 2013

Art & Design Inspiration Fix for May 3rd 2013

82816c58941735843299fef0685af806 by fscarballo, via Flickr

nothingtochance: “ Massproductions Graphic Identity / BrittonBritton BrittonBritton works with overall branding, communication and graphic design for this recognized Swedish interior design company.

28 HongKong Street on the Behance Network

We put together an extensive collection of print, packaging and identity work for 28 HongKong Street. With it's award-winning barman and contemporary social food, 28 HongKong Street has all the right ingredients for a fine night out.