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These letterpress cards, purchasable from Sapling Press’ Etsy store, are really simple–but they look great in a minimalist way thanks to Sapling’s high-quality letterpress print production. The text is from Dear Blank Please Blank.

dear boyfriend

letter to boyfriend from spiders ;) Dear Boyfriend, I can make your girlfriend scream louder than you can.

Hilarious Hypothetical Letters (11 total) - My Modern Metropolis

Hilarious Hypothetical Letters (11 total)

Dear Twilight Fans, Thank you for making us look sane and well-adjusted. Sincerely, Trekkies Hecks yes!


Dear John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt letterpress card by Sapling Press I can't stop laughing.

Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the arc wasn't leaving til 5. Sincerely, The Unicorns <3

Torre and Tagus Face Vase

"Dear Noah" card from the Dear Blank Please Blank series by Sapling Press. Letterpress printed on cotton paper made from recycled and pcw materials.

Dear blank, please blank. Sincerely, blank

21 Funny Dear Blank, Please Blank Letters

"Dear Mary, Just admit that you slept with someone else. This is getting out of hand. Sincerely, Joseph" Now THIS is a Christmas card I might consider sending!

Lisa Krowinski at Sapling Press

Design Free Thursday

Dear Fork, Sincerely Spoon- it gets funnier evrytime I read it.

Ain't it the truth

For a cheerful weekend

dear new year's resolution holiday letterpress card

Dear new year's resolution. letterpress card. silver envelope. #266

dear grandma holiday box of letterpress card - Sapling Press

26 Jokes That Only Geeks Might Find Funny: What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass? Beer.

26 Jokes That Only Geeks Might Find Funny [Pic]

Hehe nerd jokes are the best x) 26 Jokes That Only Geeks Might Find Funny: What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass?


How i felt in High School Vs College

Hilarious letters to random things from random things!

21 Funny Dear Blank, Please Blank Letters

These letterpress printed cards are just what the doctor ordered. Succinct, sharp and clever. Buy them online from Lisa Krowinski at Sapling Press.

this would be a perfect card for my brother!!!

Funny pictures about Last minute birthday card. Oh, and cool pics about Last minute birthday card. Also, Last minute birthday card.

Whoa boy I hate my brain...

Collection of 16 hilarious scumbag brain memes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. I bet you can find yourself in the most of these situations!

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 38 Pics

Dear Icebergs Sorry about global warming, Karmas a Bitch. Sincerely The titanic

I Really Love You

Justin Bieber Is Gay Funny Image from evilmilk. Justin Bieber Is Gay was added to the pictures archive on