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Pink Pigeon wine

Pink Pigeon Rum, from Mauritius. Super vanillary and sweet, and the closest thing my dear boyfriend could find to flamingos.

Dein 7 Uhr 30 | Package Design

Today we look at our top 8 concepts that we wish were real, all of which use highly pigmented colors and abstract shapes to grab the consumers attention.

アイコンがわかりやすく手順をガイドしてくれる、リ・デザインされたファーストエイドキット | roomie(ルーミー)


アイコンがわかりやすく手順をガイドしてくれる、リ・デザインされたファーストエイドキット | roomie(ルーミー)

Hanson Vodka Packaging

The Hanson Family are making vodka out of local grapes, they believe in checking quality and hand crafting so much that the labels are all signed and applied by the three Hanson sons. Espresso flavor bottle, designed by Stranger & Stranger.

First Aid Kit - By Tobias Eriksson. The design is made with simplicity in mind, but also seen from a ecological point of view since it's all made out of paper. When someone gets hurt, it should be easy to find what you need to help them. With this First Aid kit, there’s only one way to open it, and everything is structured so it’s easy to see what you need from seeing the pictograms and the information text printed on the lid. Also, the sleeves are not detachable

Student Spotlight: First Aid Kit

Tobias Eriksson, a design student from Sweden designed this incredible First Aid Kit as a part of his class. The design emphasize on clean typography, simple and clear iconography and the structure of the package for compartmentalizing each item.


Regal Rogue is the first native Australian aromatic vermouth in the market – and a damn fine drop! Squad Ink was brought into the mix to create the


For its 2012 holiday gift, branding firm Up Inc sent clients a handcrafted bottle of traditional-method sparkling wine.