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The green Box. #Minimal and #Raw from the inside, wild, almost invisible from the outside. #Architecture the way I like it.

Greenbox by Act Romegialli // Italy.

Act Romegialli Architects have designed Green Box. The project is the renovation of a small disused garage. This weekend house located on the slopes of the Raethian Alps.

Top 80 Architecture Ideas in April

Casa BC / 3ARCH

Casa BC / 3ARCH

Completed in 2014 in Huixquilucan, Mexico. Images by The Black Rabbit. The house as a den. A place of isolation for reflection and rest, detached from the urban context and intertwined with the natural environment.

Geo Metria  / Mount Fuji Architects Studio. Photos © Kenichi Suzuki. The material used as frame is laminated veneer lumber (38 x 286mm). Each beam slants in a northward direction to support the roof that has enough pitch to handle the rainy weather and differentiate the ceiling height. The fin-like columns with shelf plates also support the semi-transparent partition that opens up the house to nature.  http://archdai.ly/10atb6A.

Gallery of Geo Metria / Mount Fuji Architects Studio - 9

Image 9 of 28 from gallery of Geo Metria / Mount Fuji Architects Studio. Photograph by Kenichi Suzuki


Caspar Schols : Garden House

Caspar made it his goal to have this shed be adaptable to all potential seasons. The clear center of the building resembles a greenhouse pergola and offers fantastic views of the surrounding wilderness.

Bergman Werntoft House by Johan Sundberg | HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration.

Bergman Werntoft House by Johan Sundberg

Bergman-Werntoft House is situated in the heart of Ljungskogen forest, covering larger portions of the Ljunghusen residential area in Vellinge, south of Malmo, Sweden.

© Daniela Mc Adden

Completed in 2013 in Valeria del Mar, Argentina. Images by Daniela Mac Adden .