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"Mark has too much eyeliner on" is what I first thought. Then I saw the food. And then came the aegyo 😂

When Mom wants to take a family photo | allkpop Meme Center

When Mom wants to take a family photo

When Mama Jinyoung wants to take a family photo.and kids are too hyper with their life


Fanstown kpop wall High Cut scroll cloth poster with lomo cards

Too cute!

Too cute!

Look at their heads...Somehow they all look like they have color coordinated and contrasted hair colors

Mark and Jaebum look like a married couple who are admiring their rings, Jinyoung looks like he has a crush on Jackson, Jackson looks like he's trying to ignore Jinyoung, Yugyeom is the jealous ex of Mark, Bami and Youngjae are just normal

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson

Its hard to hate jackson. Its actually menatally and physically impossible to either