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the moment when he realizes the brakes don't work.....HAHA EXO CHANYEOL #chanyeol #hisfacescreamshelp #priceless aww too cute

The moment when he realizes that the brakes don't work. HAHAHA EXO CHANYEOL we all know d.o must have cut the brakes o.

It was priceless when he was listening to Jo Seho on Roommate. I believe he and Chanyeol both fell on the ground laughing their faces off a couple times.

Kai laughing like a monkey. An adorable derpy monkey

The epic headband story p1 lol this pair is priceless who doesn't ship these two morons

The epic headband story lol this pair is priceless who doesn't ship these two morons

#wattpad #fanfiction The exo-ls have accidentally mailed a book full of ーsmut chanbaekー fanfics.  To Chanyeol  ーhimselfー .  Enough said. ー . _ ©kingnini✧

i should've never read that book ♡ chanbaek

I want a boy who laughs as hysterically as Chanyeol

exo yixing hehehehehehe chanyeol chanlay plgifs zhangyi parkchan i'm so sorry xing queue-tips The Lost Planet he found out it was yeol hehe i saw this in another vid but lq he was about to enjoy the moment hehehehehehehehehehehe

lays reaction omg he's the most precious little human bean ever

›› reakcje ›› EXO ›› EXO-L ›› zapraszam! #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

reakcje EXO ›› PL

okay, it kinda looks like something is happening because of his facial expression, or maybe i just have a dirty mind ♡