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Tiny shoe-less goat herders - Khuri.

Udaipur Goat herders

Udaipur Goat herders


Rare Cabinet Card Photo of a Pygmy Goat / Mascot for British Warship

#goatvet loves this Goat Cart Photograph  - Goat Cart Fine Art Print

Goat Cart Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Fox Photos

A family friend of ours has goats and had a driving goat called Oz. Sitting in that tiny little cart is one of my earliest memories.

Blessing of the sheep and goat herds in Folgosa da Madalena, Portugal são joão das ovelhas by Rosa Pomar

são joão das ovelhas: whatever, wherever, whenever this is going on i am so there!

A goat of many colors, by photographer Dave Larson. Afghan goats are painted rather than branded.

Afghan goat-herds sometimes 'paint' their goats in this way as a means of identifying them

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Adam Von Bartsch Goat In A Landscape 1805 Fine Art Print likes this buck drawing

Jan Van Ravenswaay, Sheep and Goats In The Stable. 1821

Ravenswaaij, Jan van - Sheep and goats in the barn, 1821

Homestead Goats - What breed should you choose? Five Popular Dairy Goat Breeds for the Homestead. Basic goat care - What Do You Need to Raise Goats?

Homestead Goats - What You Need to Know to Get Started

Boy, goat & cart, 1910

Boy, goat & cart, 1910

Désalpe - Alpabzug Urnäsch..coming down from the mountain's after the summer

likes this photo of buck and does going to summer pastures in the Alps - Désalpe - Alpabzug Urnäsch