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How to Easily Eat a Pomegranate | Wit & Whistle

How to Easily Eat a Pomegranate

how to (easily) open a pomegranate. Pomegranates are in fact my FAVORITE fruit! You can't get them anytime of the year, though! You have to wait till October! I cannot wait to see them in stores again! I will be eating the mess out of them this year!

Pomegranate Avocado

Pomegranate Avocado

How to Release Pomegranate Seeds

Removing Pomegranate Seeds: Smack the fruit with the back of a large wooden spoon to loosen and release the seeds into the bowl.

POMEGRANATE FORTUNE COOKIES PRINT Make fortune cookies at home! These are a beautiful pink with a subtle pomegranate flavor! Author: Amy Kritzer Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine: Chinese Serves: 30 INGREDIENTS 3 egg whites ¾ cup granulated sugar ½ cup butter, melted and cooled ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup all-purpose flour 4 tablespoons pomegranate juice Red food coloring (optional) INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. While it is preheating, fill out fortunes on small pieces…

Pomegranate Fortune Cookies

] Pomegranate Homemade Fortune Cookies- the perfect pink party dessert! Great for Valentine's Day too! From Lyons Lyons Kritzer - What Jew Wanna Eat

Pomegranate Scones Recipe.. TOTALLY just made these! they're in the oven and the house smells like the early holidays! gahh im going to make these for thanksgiving :)

Orange Pomegranate Scones Recipe

"Pomegranate Scones" Grade +B: Very good when fresh. But the fresh pomegranate seeds dont hold up well so they dont save well. Eat the same day. These are very cakey and sweet scones. I will be making these again quite soon.