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This is one of the cutest golden retrievers I've seen ↠{abbeygoldfinch}↞

Cute Pet Club — From “I may be little but I.

Golden Retriever, great family dog. No home is complete without a dog.

Maggie Mae, Some pets are loved from the moment we meet them, until the day we have to say goodbye. They stay in our hearts forever.

Apollo the Golden Retriever puppy - adorable!

Golden puppy named Apollo- adorable!

Golden retriever love

Golden retriever love

https://flic.kr/p/4pZahU | portrait.jpg | True at 10 weeks, in just three weeks, she has taken over our house

Golden pup so precious.

Happy Girl

Happy Girl

I just want to kiss his face!

Did I do something wrong?

morning walk and play time with the pup with Burton Burton Flemming and Liu Grinsteinner Barley

The Cutest Pets on Twitter This Week! | SO HUGGABLE | And the award for Most Squeezable Puppy goes to ...  Teegan! Since we give the award, can we hug this cutie fur-ever?

Teegan, cutest puppy ever

beautiful golden retriever puppy dog...gorgeous red color

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

just like BUDDY

Golden Retriever kisses can be so sweet...can't they?

Golden Retriever kisses can be so sweet.

Beautiful girl!

Beautiful girl!

The precious face of a Golden Retriever puppy

Never too many Golden Retriever puppy videos - always room for one more Golden!Always happy and lovable are words that describe the Golden Retriever best. You will laugh out loud at "Wipe Out!" It has over views! Please share your lo

candice sedighan

candice sedighan

Soo cute

Golden Retriever puppy what a sweet baby!

For you . .

For you . .