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They actually are. Keep smiling buddy. #TheAvengers #Thor #Humor

Overly Accepting Thor - Loki tries to kill you wi…

Gets hit by a van ... falls in love with the driver. -- Overly Accepting Thor

Overly Accepting Thor (I'm totally loving these)

Maybe that is were Uncle Rick the idea of the chapter named, 'Come to the dark side, we have pop-tarts'! Loki still had the pop-tarts'!( Magnus Chase and the gods of ASGARD)

Marvel idézetek - >17< #wattpad #vletlen

Marvel idézetek - 》17《

For a brief period I thought the newest Thor movie would come out the same weekend as Luckily it's the weekend after. Thor: The Dark World


The Avengers movie summed up by these little guys

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life


Baby Groot←Peter looks so pround! And Rocket may feel like his toddler just learned to talk :) Baby Groot is so precious!

Speak of the Devil: A Day In The Life Of An Asgardian Trickster

youvebeen-loki-d: “ Requested by anon: All my “Bad Parenting Odin” memes ”

Thor and Loki's relationship as told by   animals - I'm sorry, but Thor-dog is just too adorable xD

DogThor CatLoki…Imma kill you by LittleDarkDragon

puny god

This is hilarious! Thor so should have put his hammer on Loki! i bet that's what they did with him while they ate shwarma! (another great answer for where Loki was while the Avengers ate shawarma!

When someone says a quote from your favorite fandom.

This Potentially Habitable Super-Earth Is Just 16 Light Years Away

Captain America/Steve Rogers I understood that reference gif

Even if hes trying to be creepy...I need this....Apple, make this happen!

This is supposed to be creepy, but I still find this unbelievably attracted. XD Seriously, make this happen!

Why has a Black Widow movie not happened yet?????

I want a Black Widow backstory movie. And I want a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie called "Budapest". Marvel - you need to make these happen!

Dorkly Comic: A Wonder Woman Movie Just Wouldn’t Work [Comic] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News

Dorkly Comic: A Wonder Woman Movie Just Wouldn't Work [Comic]

D< Where's a wonder woman movie? Dorkly Comic: A Wonder Woman Movie Just Wouldn’t Work [Comic]

Lion King (Avengers)

funny-Thor-Loki-Lion-King-Mufasa-Scar-avengers Book of Ra

The Avengers Black and White... Hoooh boy. Would love to have a poster of this!

Signed Avengers Poster (Certificate of Authenticity Included)

Old Hollywood Avengers: A little black tie, a little witty repartee.and a lot of explosions. <<< The villain, the prince, & the hero are really hot from those angles. Especially the hero