Taurus. Make a fool of me? I might let you to make you look good, but I'll definitely make you pay for it later

Taurus will fool the fool who tries to fool you, so beware.honesty is best with a Taurus!

It's True - Taurus Facts

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so true! Worst feeling in the world is feeling used by people you love and care for. Absoluut waar - dit is helaas te vaak gebeurd ;-( // Absolutely true - unfortunately this has happend too often ;

None of it matters to someone who doesn't care about your heart at all. If they don't care there isn't much you can do about anything.

Zodiac - Taurus - The Taurus heart can be as sweet and delightful as they come but the absolute worst feeling for them is being used or manipulated. They give a lot so that hurt feels like pure hell.