Amos Two Bulls, Dakota Sioux, by Gertrude Käsebier, ca. 1900

1900 Amos Two Bulls, a Sioux Brave. By this time, the traditional Indian lifestyle had pretty much come to an end. Most were living on reservations at this point. Amos Two Bulls was a member of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.

Wishham Indian Woman. Photo-Edward Curtis.  #Native Americans

I look right through you. Edward Curtis, Young...

a remarkable photo of a Young Wishham Indian Woman. It was taken in 1910 by Edward S. The picture presents a Chinook Indian Woman in a Head-and-shoulders portrait facing right, wearing braids, shell bead choker, and abalone shell disk earrings.


Sitting Bull and his wife, Seen By Her Nation - Hunkpapa - 1882 Akenaten Bluehorse

Mooragootch, a Shoshone warrior, ca. 1884

1890's photo "rabbit tail" shoshone native american indian us u.s. army scout

Acoma Brave Pueblo Indian    "I add my breath to your breath that we shall be as one people." --Pueblo proverb    Acoma Pueblo people are believed to have descended from the Anasazi, Mogollon, and other ancient peoples.

Here for your browsing pleasure is a grand photo of an Acoma Man. It was made in 1905 by Edward S. The photo documents the Acoma Brave in a head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front.

Hail Stone/Stump Horn Bull, n.d. (early 1890s?) [Crow] Photo by Laton Huffman

Untitled (Smoking Cigarette) by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections, Hail Stone (aka Stump Horn Bull, aka Spotted Horn Bull) - Crow - circa Taken by Richard Throssel,

Buffalo Calf Road Woman was a Northern Cheyenne woman fought next to her husband at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. In 2005 Northern Cheyenne storytellers broke more than 100 years of silence about the battle, and they credited her with striking the blow that knocked Custer off his horse before he died.

Buffalo Calf Road Woman,(c. 1850 – Buffalo Calf Road Woman was a Northern Cheyenne woman who saved her wounded warrior brother Chief Comes in Sight, in the Battle of the Rosebud (as it was named by the United States) in Her rescue helped.