www.kurtwenner.com Kurt Wenner Born in Ann Arbor, in Michigan, this truly pioneering artist is world renowned for realistic chalk murals and street paintings that give rise to fantastic optical illusions of three dimensionality, and are known in the art world as examples of  the anamorphic style. So good are the art works that this man produces, that many of them have featured on TV and in many newspapers globally.

76 Unbelievable Street And Wall Art Illusions

Dynamic Art The Flying Carpet, Chalk Art, Bettona, Italy Chalk Art . Sidewalk Street Art Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Street Art Wall Murals

The latest volume of amazing wall murals, graffiti art & street art from all over the world // See more from many urban artists on Mr Pilgrim online

And this is why I will not eat McDonald's!

Ronald McDonald Rainbow Puke T-Shirt "Not So Happy" by Lora Zombie shows the McDonald's clown vomiting colorfully on the wall. Lovin' it now?

Knitting on the sidewalk with a flying pig as one does...

Yesterday, we learned that the knitting habits of the wooly silkworm encourage the feline tendencies of flying pigs. Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park (June - street art by David Zinn

Sidewalk Art That Will Blow Your Mind. Big Bowl of Wontons" - U. artist Julian Beever and German artist Edgar Mueller are two dudes who independently make some pretty amazing chalk sidewalk murals.


“"save the bees !" Artist Masai, bee street art in London cc