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Gypsy Vanner Horse, SIU has one on their equestrian farm and she is stunning!!

Gypsy Vanner Stallion that is a Golden buckskin blagdon Skewbald named "Sundance".

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My Biscuit ❤️ American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Gypsy Vanner Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino

a Romany Cob ... Solid chestnut coloured Gypsy Cob Horse ... All Gypsy registries accept solids or blagdons in their purebred stud books.

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Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.

Horse and colt; Posted by: Happy Jack

I love you mother. Yeah that's nice sweetie, I love you more now that your finally out of me.

Mi hermano pequeño es adoptado. Mamá me dijo que no se lo dijera. http://www.theyellowpet.es

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Horses and dog matching. Love that little foal. 16 Reasons Jack Russells Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

I don't have a Gypsy Vanner problem, what are you talking about?

Gypsy Vanner - This is Beyond Beautiful

Feathers and color - this is why I love pictures of the draft horses. So beautiful.