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Call of the Goddess

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May you fall madly in love this year. May you fall deeply, madly, hopelessly, inextinguishably in love. © Poetess (Rachelle Lamb) Artwork: Jackie Morris (The House of Golden Dreams)

Woman dancing with a white bear in a cage of trees, by Jackie Morris. Watercolour

"I dream that I'm in the woods, knee-deep in snow, bowless and starving and looking for blackberries on barren branches, when a huge white bear approaches and drops a bundle at my feet. Pairing, by Jackie Morris.

Norse mythology - Freyja

Norse mythology - Freyja

) Norse mythology - Freyja More. (They seem to think that Freya and Gulveig are the same person. Never heard that before.

"Whenever we go deep enough toward the core of a sub-personality, we find that the core -- which is some basic urge, or need -- is good. For practical purposes, this can be considered an absolute. No matter how many layers of distortion may surround it, the basic need, the basic motivation, is a good one -- and if it becomes twisted, it was because of not being able to express itself directly." Click on the pic to read more). © 2016 Toko-pa Turner |Illustration by Cathy McClelland

Carl Jung associated the raven with our shadow, that part of our psyche that we refuse to see or acknowledge. When we contemplate raven energy, we can tap into the courage to hold all of ourselves in awareness.

Mother Goddess Inanna - The Goddess Gaia in physical form

Leopard Painting -  Vibrant Leopard Painting  by Svetlana Novikova ♥•♥•♥LOVE!

Vibrant Leopard Painting Painting by Svetlana Novikova - Vibrant Leopard Painting Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale